Hamilton County Clerk of Circuit Court Hamilton County Clerk of Circuit Court Hamilton County Clerk of Circuit Court


The Finance Department of the Clerk’s Office works closely with the Board of County Commissioners and all departments under the Board and the Clerk.  The Finance Department is responsible for:

Budgets for Clerk and Board of County Commissioners
Maintains financial records for Clerk and Board
Accounts payable for Clerk and Board
Accounts receivable for Clerk and Board
Registry of Court
Payroll for Clerk and Board
Insurance for Clerk and Board
Juror and Witness payroll
Reconciliation of bank accounts for Clerk and Board
Fixed Assets 

Finance Department Phone Directory:
Finance Director: (386) 792-0855
Accounts Payable: (386) 792-0854
Accounts Receivable: (386) 792-0868
Payroll: (386) 792-0862

Fiscal Year 2018 Final Budget 

Fiscal Year 2017 Tentative Budget
Fiscal Year 2017 Final Budget
Fiscal Year 2016 Tentative Budget
Fiscal Year 2015 Final Budget
Fiscal Year 2015 Budget for Hamilton County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees


2015-16 Fiscal Year
Original Report

2014-15 Fiscal Year
Original Report

2013-14 Fiscal Year
Original Report

2012-13 Fiscal Year
Original Report

2011-12 Fiscal Year
Original Report