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Cognito Farm

Rosemary Roasted Chicken


Cognito Farm Broiler Chicken
Fresh rosemary leaves (2 sprigs)
Kosher sea salt (about 1 Tablespoon)
Freshly-ground black pepper (about 1.5 Teaspoons)
Garlic (4-5 cloves, finely minced)


Preheat oven to 450 F. Remove thawed chicken from its plastic bag and place on a rack in a pan. Season the inside and outside with Kosher sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper. Finely chop fresh rosemary leaves and garlic. Rub chopped rosemary and garlic on the outside of chicken. Place rosemary stems in cavity.

Put prepared bird in 450 degree oven and drop temp to 350 degrees. Roast for about 90 minutes, until internal temperature is 165 F or higher – don’t take it past 190. If it browns too early, tent with foil to complete cooking. When internal temperature is right, lightly tent (if not tented previously) and let rest 15 minutes before carving