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Our Products

Prices may fluctuate due to the cost to produce our products.  The inventory listed on our website is not our current product availability.  For the most up-to-date product inventory, please refer to our weekly newsletter, which is updated weekly. 

Range Raised Pork

Never raised on concrete, our pigs are free to roam within half acre paddocks outlined with electric fence to keep them from wandering too far from home. In addition to a natural diet of Non-GMO verified grains that do not contain medication or animal by-products, these animals are free to eat anything they can find like pigs do naturally. When the pigs have eaten most of the green vegetation in their half acre paddock, we move them to a new paddock that is lush with fresh growth. These pigs will never visit the same paddock twice in their lifetime.

  Product   Price  Product Price
 Ground Pork  $8.00/pound  Breakfast Pan Sausage  $9.00/pound
 Breakfast Link Sausage  $9.75/pound  Smoked Breakfast Link Sausage  $10.65/pound
 Italian Pan Sausage  $9.75/pound  Italian Link Sausage  $10.75/pound
 Pork Spare Ribs  $8.95/pound  Baby Back Pork Ribs  $9.00/pound
 Country Style Ribs  $9.49/pound  Boneless Pork Loin Roast  $11.00/pound
 Boston Butt Pork Roast  $9.35/pound  Center Cut Pork Chops  $10.95/pound
 Shoulder “Picnic” Roast  $9.35/pound End Cut Pork Chops  $9.85/pound
 Pork Shoulder Steak  $9.95/pound  Lean Pork Cutlets  $8.95/pound
 Fresh Pork Neck Bones  $5.00/pound  Smoked Bacon  $13.49/pound
 Smoked Ham Hocks  $8/pound  Smoked Pork Neck Bones  $7/pound
 Pork Fat for Rendering Lard (5 lb. bag)  $11 each  Pork Leaf Fat for Rendering Lard (5 lb. bag)  $13 each
Lard (1 Pint) $6/each Leaf Lard (1 Pint) $8.50/each


Pastured Poultry
We raise chickens on pasture almost year round. These birds are kept in floorless enclosures to protect them from predators that we move at least once each day, providing access to pasture grasses and bugs. They are fed Verified Non-GMO feed that does not contain animal by-products. We also raise Turkey’s every year in time for Thanksgiving. The Turkey’s are raised in a similar way as the Chickens. They are always kept moving forward to green pastures and away from the areas they have already grazed and soiled. Fresh, never frozen Turkey is available to pick up at the farm on the Monday before Thanksgiving for all customers who pre-order. To pre-order, please sign up for our email newsletter.

 Product  Price   Product  Price 
 Whole Broiler Chicken  $4.99/pound  Chicken Breast Tenders  $14.95/pound
 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts  $14.34/pound  Chicken Leg/Thigh  $7.95/pound
 Chicken Wings (tips removed)  $6.74/pound  Chicken Hearts (1 lb. pkg.)  $5 each
 Chicken Livers (1 lb. pkg.)  $7 each  Chicken Necks (1 lb. pkg.)  $1.75 each
 Chicken Feet for making stock (1 gallon bag)  $5 each  Chicken Heads for making stock (1 gallon bag)  $5 each
 Chicken Bones for making stock (1 gallon bag)  $5 each  Chicken Stock (1 quart)  $7.00/each
 Whole Turkey  $5.95/pound  Turkey Stock (1 quart)  $7.00/each


100% Grass-Fed Beef
Cognito Farm Grass Fed Beef comes from cattle on a natural diet, they are never fed grain at any time in their life. They are not given antibiotics or growth hormones and feed on pastures that are not fertilized with any chemical fertilizers.

 Product   Price   Product   Price 
 Lean Ground Beef (90%-92% lean)  $8.55/pound  Cubed Round Steak  $10.65/pound
 Boneless Stew Meat  $9/pound  Meaty Soup Bones  $7/pound
 NY Strip Steaks  $17/pound  Sirloin Steaks  $16/pound
 T-bone Steaks  $22/pound  Ribeye/Delmonico  $18/pound
 Flank Steak  $13/pound  Hanger Steak  $12/pound
 Filet Mignon  $26/pound  Sirloin Tip Roast  $16/pound
 Shoulder Roast  $16/pound  Rump Roast  $17/pound
 Eye of Round Roast  $15/pound  Chuck Roast  $14/pound
 Beef Short Ribs  $9/pound  Boneless Beef Brisket  $12/pound
 Beef Oxtail  $10/pound  Beef Kidney  $5/pound
 Beef Soup Bones  $5/pound  Beef Marrow Bones  $5/pound
 Beef Liver  $9.50/pound  Beef Heart  $8/pound