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Chicken Liver in Red Wine Reduction Sauce

Chicken liver in a red wine reduction, recommended to us by Carole and Don Hambrick of Gainesville

Chicken livers (can be any amount)
Salt and pepper to taste
Cooking fat – coconut oil, lard, butter, olive oil, chicken fat – any thing you like to coat the bottom of a stainless steel pan.
Red wine

Dry, salt and pepper the livers.  Toss in flour to coat.  Carefully place livers in one layer over medium heat in pre-heated skillet with the hot cooking fat.  Brown on one side and turn.  Pour in red wine in until it reaches halfway up the liver and bring to a simmer.  Lower heat and reduce until only about half the red wine remains.  Remove livers to a serving plate and cover with the wine reduction sauce.  Serve hot.