18806 NE 21st Place 
Starke, FL 32091
Cognito Farm

About Us

Cognito Farm was started in 2006 by Jerry and Sam Williams. Jerry and Sam had a vision to put people back in touch with their food. They began raising animals the right way and started something that has blossomed into something amazing. By 2013, Cognito Farm had transformed into a protein powerhouse who was servicing Northeast Florida and North Central Florida. Jerry and Sam were satisfied with their efforts and wanted to see the farm continue to blossom. The Griffis Family had been producing the same high quality products with the same high standards on a much smaller scale and wanted to expand. Fate brought the Griffis’ together with the Williams’ and the Griffis Family was able to take over Cognito Farm.Cognito Farm was named by The Williams’. They had a desire for transparency in the production of this amazing food. Through a series of books and life changes, “Cognito” was the best name for the farm. In Italian, Cognito means “known” or “not hidden”.

Since taking over Cognito Farm in 2013, the Griffis Family has continued with the vision that Jerry and Sam had in mind. We have maintained the high standards that the Williams’ had established and have made a few improvements. The Griffis Family is dedicated to producing the highest quality meats and eggs that money can buy at the best price that we can. We are very passionate about the humane treatment of the animals.

Cognito Farm works with nature to sustainably produce Grass-Fed Beef, Pastured Poultry & Eggs and Range Raised Pork. We avoid use of herbicides, pesticides and petroleum based fertilizers. We do not use antibiotics or hormones as growth promoting agents. We do not use feed containing GMO’s for any of our animals. We use agricultural methods that reduce our carbon footprint, build our soils and reduce erosion. Our animals are always raised and harvested humanely. Jacksonville.com – Army combat veteran turns to farming in Starke