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The City Of
Starke, Florida
209 North Thompson Street
Starke, FL 32091
(904) 964-5027   |   Fax: (904) 964-3998
A F T E R    H O U R S:
Utility Outage, Callouts: (904) 964-6161

Public Awareness

Damage Prevention Awareness:
Florida State Law, Chapter 556 in the Florida State Statue requires calling a one call center before you dig.

This does not necessarily mean only businesses. Homeowners putting in pools, clotheslines, mail boxes and playground equipment need to also consider that there could possibly be underground lines that could be tapped into. Anytime you dig for any reason a call needs to be placed to the city. The city requires a city excavation form be filled out prior to any excavation work to be done. (904-964-5322)

Sunshine State One Call of Florida, Inc. can be contacted at Toll-Free 800-432-4770. The law requires you call two days prior to digging. This will ensure that you do not cut any buried lines. There is no cost for this service. If you need any additional information you can contact or call the City of Starke at 904-964-5027 to have a Gas Representative come and speak with you and locate any gas lines.

Leak Recognition and Response
What to do if you smell gas in your home or building?

  • Leave immediately and tell others to leave too. 
  • From a safe distance call City Hall 904-964-5027 or after hours 904-964-5400 and notify us.
  • Never try to repair a gas leak yourself! Do not turn any lights on or off, smoke or use any phones or any equipment that could cause sparks.